How to start a business doing what you love...

So I got a little bit of a false start earlier this year on starting my entrepreneurship blog. 

Before I get into the nitty gritty of what I've been up to, I'm teaching a FREE online entrepreneurship class series starting this Wednesday {Aug. 2nd}. It's all online! If you can't make the free class, you can get a recording, but only if you register ;)

Here's the link for that:

And a quick recap of what I've been up to:

In April, I launched a 60-day Kickstarter campaign for my first ever animated short and raised just over $49k! It took a tremendous amount of energy and focus, but holy guacamole was it worth taking the risk! Thank you all 719 backers for believing in my dream.

Currently, I'm waiting to go to rough animation on or around August 14th {when my team is available}. Meanwhile, i'm taking the "free time" to work on concept art & character studies...and a few more storyboards for a scene I've rewritten a bagillion times ;)

Because I've invested so much time building my online retail business over at BuddhaDoodles.com, I was afraid that switching gears and luanching a totally new project...something I've never ever done before...would make my business suffer.

Well, the opposite ended up being true! After reluctantly running report the other day, I discoverd to my surrise, that my numbers are UP by ___

I wouldn't have been able to spend the kind of energy I did and go down my rabbit hole of fundraising, writing, and ferverous storybaording,without the proper systems in place

OVer the last few years of trial and error, I've learned what the true needs of my business are from an adminiatrative, stehycnical, and customer serivce point of view. There's no manual I read for htis. IT came with trial and errors and MANY ups and downs.

Earlier this year, I took the time to hire the right person to raise my systems up from a ___ to ___ level.

In September,  I'm traveling to Portugal to speak about entrepreneurship at an event called Trojan Horse was a Unicorn, a burningman-meets-TED-art experience.

Now that my online business is  income genreating, itt's time for me to teach the tools that have helped me to get where I"m at.

Knowing that this event is around the corner and that I've been firing on all cylinders ners for quite a few years {oh yeah, did you know Andrews McMeel published a compilation of my comics last year!?!?} getting m ybusiness up and luanched...now that it is sustainalbe income genreating, itt's time for me to teach the tools that have helped me to get where I"m at.

After seventteen years dedicated to my cartooning career, I'm I love speaking and writing about business. teaching my "Unstarving Artist" curriculum through this blog and some online classes.

On Aug 2nd




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