my doodle life 1.6.16

today on my walk, i ran into a delightful and colorful group of preschoolers and their teachers enjoying the post el nino magic. i think it was probably one of the most precious moments in recent time. especially when one of the girls stopped, looked at me, and said, "a wahtah drowplet fell on my fohhead".

my heart pretty much burst. i love little nuggets! i'm so excited to get back into doing some guest teaching real soon.

the launch of Buddha Doodles "Imagine the Possibilities" has been so amazing and sweet. the book has already become a bestseller in two categories on Amazon {Buddhism and Happiness} and the photos and the testimonials are trickling in...thank you everyone for your support!

i have a lot of momentum right now to finish two book pitches. I can already tell that it's going to be a rich year of storytelling and production. I'm also very excited about traveling - and am hoping to make it to Bhutan and Japan. 

I laid out a few more pages for the re-re-re-rewritten intro of my graphic novel and got to creating some character sketch sheets which was really fun. i'm drooling over miyasaki's work lately and am itching badly to get back into nature. i'm also at that point where i've edited and scrapped so much that i just to finish what i have and boldly leap into the next phase of creative life...

most of this is skilled improvisation btw.

i've been dreaming for some time now of having a second place away from the city. when i was younger, i imagined that i would build a cob house on a hill somewhere...currently i'm into the idea of having a yurt so i can stargaze every night when i go to sleep.

while working on my book today, i looked outside my window and saw a little birdy with a yellow marking on its forehead playing around on the huge morton bay fig tree. i took a picture and sketched it quickly. then i made this little illo:

a bientot,