my doodle life 1.4.15

well tomorrow is the BIG day! my Buddha Doodles git book "Imagine the Possibilities" releases to the world. I have no idea what to expect from here on out but feel confident about all the love and hard work that has been put into the launch {the trailer got 350k+ views and reached over a million people on Facebook!}.

i've had several months to set the table for the book's release and have experienced a range of emotions from elation, fear, and eating too much chocolate :o) i really just want people to get the book because it is SO full of my heart's work healing trauma...tune into the podcast I did recently with the Secular Buddhist to hear more about that ;)

my drawing hand is TIRED - had a great first day back in the studio. plunged straight into work on my graphic novel pitch {which I'm itching to get out the door after six months on and off of production}. 

on my twilight walk tonight to the rose garden i passed by a beautiful tree adorned in spiraling christmas lights. i thought it would pair well with a quick sketch i doodled of a couple earlier in the day...

it is going to RAIN tomorrow! 

and I'm waiting to hear back about dates for a possible bike tour in Japan...excited to do travel research this year for two new book projects.

and I can't find my glasses for far away vision :o( many squints and ambiguous greetings that clarify upon two feet in front of me. maybe time to get contacts...