my doodle life 1.1.16

i lose track of days and times often. especially after my silent retreat, where i was sitting in meditation for up to six hours a day...on the drive back i noticed that i easily got lost in the coastal landscape and had to remind myself that i was...uh driving! i stopped at a hotspring at a hotel and found myself enveloped in a canopy of trees...made sure to set my alarm so as not to anger the already stressed out service attendants at the front desk because i only rented the tub for one hour.

industrial eats in buellton in probably the best restaurant in this county. i sat at the bar and quickly befriended the owner...he even made me a special desert. we got to talking and i told him about my doodle life and he offered to hang one of my pieces on the wall. wow! i will be back there again soon i'm sure for the tangerine sorbet {which has some sort of delicious liquor and is placed in half a tangerine!} and his homemade nutella icecream with chocolate chunks.

i wrote a few little blogs about my meditation retreat experience which i will share soon. there was of course the compulsion to want to organize all my thoughts so as not to lose the experience. there is a tension between being a writer and a practicing meditator, letting go of thoughts but also wanted to record the experiences so as not to lose another possible creative project/idea/blog/sketch/etc.

in any case, i had the best new year's eve of my life making art, vision boarding, and drinking tea with my cats. i kept forgetting that it was new years eve because i had only been back a day from my retreat. 

i made this doodle on the first evening of the year. my goal is to create more sketches outside of buddha doodles daily practice. i also have two book pitches in the works...

My new book "Imagine the Possibilities" launches on Tuesday! Quite the ride leading up to its release...I have no idea what to far it's my publisher's {AMP} #1 pre-ordered book. You can get it here on Amazon or an autographed copy HERE at my gift shop. 

also my cat collars from my friend Matthew Inman's {creator of the Oatmeal} non-profit Kitty Convict Project came in the mail today. i promise to post photos soon. The goal is to prevent kitties from going missing by adorning them in BRIGHT ORANGE collars that have their name & phone number on the tag.