my doodle life 1.14.16

oh my doodles! how is it that we are already halfway through january?

this last week has been SO full of wonderful experiences. the book launch party for "Imagine the Possibilities" at Handlebar Coffee was amazing. I couldn't have imagined a better way to kick off this new chapter of my life than at my favorite hangout + with some of my closest peeps.

I hope the memory of that little room with all those beautiful hearts will stay with me forever. The toast that my dear friend Tom Stanley gave was super heartfelt and slightly it should be ;P 

I kinda felt like I was at my own wedding reception + baby shower. There was a steady stream of friends for three hours straight!!!!! By the end, I was writing love notes to everyone...i blame it on the champagne :o)

i feel so lucky to be living this life...

my dear friends that started the Green Coconut Sailing Voyage were also in town, so naturally I spent a couple days celebrating with them too :o) in july, i plan to travel back to ecuador and meet up with them on the Galapagos Islands and create a sketch diary of my experiences! 

i feel lucky to even have the energy to write this post. the book launch has been incredible...we are a top seller in "Buddhism" and "Happiness" categories. I've been working ferverishly on my graphic novel pitch, which I will be submitting next week to my publisher alongside a couple other project ideas. my hand is pretty tired.

very excited to be guest teaching next week at a local elementary school. oh, and there's this fun book signing I'm having at Chaucer's Books in Santa Barbara  on the 19th @ 7:00pm :0) 

my work has been my primary focus for the last year and I'm so grateful to be able to have the ability to share my passion for illustration and storytelling with the world. there's a part of me that has realized, especially over the holidays & silent retreat, that I'm ready to add more balance into my life with respect to the bigger picture {ahem, starting a family at some point requires...a partner...}. i'm more comfortable in my skin now that i've crossed this threshold in my career and have really honored my time as a single mollycule. 

because i've been madly producing new work that I can't quite show the world yet, here's a piece I made for sir david bowie. my heart aches with the world as my mind tries to wrap itself around the fact of his passing.

oh and leaving a review for my book really helps it gain more please take a moment rate and write about it at: {or order a copy for a friend!!!!}

Thanks so much...