my doodle life 4.6.16

while on a bike ride the other day, i passed by a brightly colored bench covered in multicolored asterisks. i'd seen this bench so many times on this ride over the last eight years, but for some reason on this day it screamed "DOODLE ME!" So I said okay...and since it's spring...why not put a couple lovers on it enjoying it too?  

my doodle life 1.14.16

oh my doodles! how is it that we are already halfway through january?

this last week has been SO full of wonderful experiences. the book launch party for "Imagine the Possibilities" at Handlebar Coffee was amazing. I couldn't have imagined a better way to kick off this new chapter of my life than at my favorite hangout + with some of my closest peeps.

I hope the memory of that little room with all those beautiful hearts will stay with me forever. The toast that my dear friend Tom Stanley gave was super heartfelt and slightly it should be ;P 

I kinda felt like I was at my own wedding reception + baby shower. There was a steady stream of friends for three hours straight!!!!! By the end, I was writing love notes to everyone...i blame it on the champagne :o)

i feel so lucky to be living this life...

my dear friends that started the Green Coconut Sailing Voyage were also in town, so naturally I spent a couple days celebrating with them too :o) in july, i plan to travel back to ecuador and meet up with them on the Galapagos Islands and create a sketch diary of my experiences! 

i feel lucky to even have the energy to write this post. the book launch has been incredible...we are a top seller in "Buddhism" and "Happiness" categories. I've been working ferverishly on my graphic novel pitch, which I will be submitting next week to my publisher alongside a couple other project ideas. my hand is pretty tired.

very excited to be guest teaching next week at a local elementary school. oh, and there's this fun book signing I'm having at Chaucer's Books in Santa Barbara  on the 19th @ 7:00pm :0) 

my work has been my primary focus for the last year and I'm so grateful to be able to have the ability to share my passion for illustration and storytelling with the world. there's a part of me that has realized, especially over the holidays & silent retreat, that I'm ready to add more balance into my life with respect to the bigger picture {ahem, starting a family at some point requires...a partner...}. i'm more comfortable in my skin now that i've crossed this threshold in my career and have really honored my time as a single mollycule. 

because i've been madly producing new work that I can't quite show the world yet, here's a piece I made for sir david bowie. my heart aches with the world as my mind tries to wrap itself around the fact of his passing.

oh and leaving a review for my book really helps it gain more please take a moment rate and write about it at: {or order a copy for a friend!!!!}

Thanks so much...







my doodle life 1.6.16

today on my walk, i ran into a delightful and colorful group of preschoolers and their teachers enjoying the post el nino magic. i think it was probably one of the most precious moments in recent time. especially when one of the girls stopped, looked at me, and said, "a wahtah drowplet fell on my fohhead".

my heart pretty much burst. i love little nuggets! i'm so excited to get back into doing some guest teaching real soon.

the launch of Buddha Doodles "Imagine the Possibilities" has been so amazing and sweet. the book has already become a bestseller in two categories on Amazon {Buddhism and Happiness} and the photos and the testimonials are trickling in...thank you everyone for your support!

i have a lot of momentum right now to finish two book pitches. I can already tell that it's going to be a rich year of storytelling and production. I'm also very excited about traveling - and am hoping to make it to Bhutan and Japan. 

I laid out a few more pages for the re-re-re-rewritten intro of my graphic novel and got to creating some character sketch sheets which was really fun. i'm drooling over miyasaki's work lately and am itching badly to get back into nature. i'm also at that point where i've edited and scrapped so much that i just to finish what i have and boldly leap into the next phase of creative life...

most of this is skilled improvisation btw.

i've been dreaming for some time now of having a second place away from the city. when i was younger, i imagined that i would build a cob house on a hill somewhere...currently i'm into the idea of having a yurt so i can stargaze every night when i go to sleep.

while working on my book today, i looked outside my window and saw a little birdy with a yellow marking on its forehead playing around on the huge morton bay fig tree. i took a picture and sketched it quickly. then i made this little illo:

a bientot,


my doodle life 1.4.15

well tomorrow is the BIG day! my Buddha Doodles git book "Imagine the Possibilities" releases to the world. I have no idea what to expect from here on out but feel confident about all the love and hard work that has been put into the launch {the trailer got 350k+ views and reached over a million people on Facebook!}.

i've had several months to set the table for the book's release and have experienced a range of emotions from elation, fear, and eating too much chocolate :o) i really just want people to get the book because it is SO full of my heart's work healing trauma...tune into the podcast I did recently with the Secular Buddhist to hear more about that ;)

my drawing hand is TIRED - had a great first day back in the studio. plunged straight into work on my graphic novel pitch {which I'm itching to get out the door after six months on and off of production}. 

on my twilight walk tonight to the rose garden i passed by a beautiful tree adorned in spiraling christmas lights. i thought it would pair well with a quick sketch i doodled of a couple earlier in the day...

it is going to RAIN tomorrow! 

and I'm waiting to hear back about dates for a possible bike tour in Japan...excited to do travel research this year for two new book projects.

and I can't find my glasses for far away vision :o( many squints and ambiguous greetings that clarify upon two feet in front of me. maybe time to get contacts...


my doodle life 1.2.16

the sun began to set as I wrapped up a wonderful two hour phone conversation with my friend colleen...we've known each other since we were youngins just entering college and shared a tiny room next to the beach in isla vista...we were each other's rocks then, and continue to be now...navigating the world of entrepreneurship, fears, triumphs, single life...i noticed that the tree outside my studio window had a little face on one part of the trunk, so naturally I doodled it while i smiled ear to ear...

also i can't stop listening to this band i accidentally found on spotify called Gem Club.

my doodle life 1.1.16

i lose track of days and times often. especially after my silent retreat, where i was sitting in meditation for up to six hours a day...on the drive back i noticed that i easily got lost in the coastal landscape and had to remind myself that i was...uh driving! i stopped at a hotspring at a hotel and found myself enveloped in a canopy of trees...made sure to set my alarm so as not to anger the already stressed out service attendants at the front desk because i only rented the tub for one hour.

industrial eats in buellton in probably the best restaurant in this county. i sat at the bar and quickly befriended the owner...he even made me a special desert. we got to talking and i told him about my doodle life and he offered to hang one of my pieces on the wall. wow! i will be back there again soon i'm sure for the tangerine sorbet {which has some sort of delicious liquor and is placed in half a tangerine!} and his homemade nutella icecream with chocolate chunks.

i wrote a few little blogs about my meditation retreat experience which i will share soon. there was of course the compulsion to want to organize all my thoughts so as not to lose the experience. there is a tension between being a writer and a practicing meditator, letting go of thoughts but also wanted to record the experiences so as not to lose another possible creative project/idea/blog/sketch/etc.

in any case, i had the best new year's eve of my life making art, vision boarding, and drinking tea with my cats. i kept forgetting that it was new years eve because i had only been back a day from my retreat. 

i made this doodle on the first evening of the year. my goal is to create more sketches outside of buddha doodles daily practice. i also have two book pitches in the works...

My new book "Imagine the Possibilities" launches on Tuesday! Quite the ride leading up to its release...I have no idea what to far it's my publisher's {AMP} #1 pre-ordered book. You can get it here on Amazon or an autographed copy HERE at my gift shop. 

also my cat collars from my friend Matthew Inman's {creator of the Oatmeal} non-profit Kitty Convict Project came in the mail today. i promise to post photos soon. The goal is to prevent kitties from going missing by adorning them in BRIGHT ORANGE collars that have their name & phone number on the tag.