Molly Hahn, best known for her daily comic Buddha Doodles, is a professional cartoonist based in Santa Barbara, CA and has been sharing her work online since 2001.

Molly has seven titles published, including the forthcoming "Buddha Doodles: Imagine the Possibilities" which will come out in Jan. 2016 with AMU.

Buddha Doodles began as a daily meditative sketch practice in 2011, after a series of traumatic life events. Her Buddha comics, light in heart but deep in intent, greatly helped her in her own healing process.

To share and pay forward this joy, she began posting Buddha Doodles online, and was delighted when they quickly found an audience. The Buddha Doodles community is now over 200,000 strong and growing, at

When she isn't doodling, she's napping with her feline artisans Bisquit and Basho, dancing, hiking, or adventuring!